For serious athletes who need to improve their times, make the team or prepare for competition. This program focuses on the improvement of the 5 physical qualities: mobility, strength, speed, agility and endurance. Each athlete is placed in level I, II, III or IV depending on ability and moved up as technique and overall athleticism improve.

  1. LEVEL I – Initial Level
    This introductory SST level forms the “athletic blueprint.” It focuses on mobility, agility, balance, reaction speed, and coordination for young athletes. There is an extreme emphasis on posture and joint flexibility in this level to make sure the foundation is laid for future conditioning. Depending on size abilities, this level is for athletes ages 8 - 10.
  2. LEVEL II – Fundamental Level
    This SST level is designed to train the physical capacities of the body. It introduces more resistance training to the workout for those athletes more developed in size and skill than level 1. The Level 1 foundations of mobility, agility, coordination, and reaction speed continue with an increased intensity and volume. This level usually matches ages 11-14 and is also great for building any young athlete’s fitness base.
  3. LEVEL III – Refinement Level
    SST Level III is designed to refine the physical capacities of the body and train sports-specific movements and skills. The athlete should be able to maintain proper form and technique with heavier resistance and higher repetitions. There is a greater emphasis on building strength, as compared to Level II, and there is an increase in the intensity and complexity of speed training drills. This is a highly motivated level of athlete looking to increase speed and strength to gain an edge on their competition.
  4. LEVEL IV – Specialized Level
    This is the top level of our Speed-Strength Training program designed for Olympic, professional and college athletes. Whether preparing for the NFL Combine or training throughout the pre-season/off-season, this level is much more individualized and sport specific.
  5. Speed-Strength Camps and Clinics
    SST camps and clinics are designed for teams, schools, or groups of athletes looking to develop their skills through advanced training techniques. Our goal is to teach the principles, methods and movements necessary to increase an athlete’s performance. All camps and clinics include training in: mobility, strength training, speed training, agility and endurance. Instruction includes execution of various weight training, plyometric, medicine ball exercises, proper sprinting and footwork drills that enhance and athlete’s coordination and balance. Titus speed camps and clinics seek to introduce athletes to a program that can aid in the continual development of total body conditioning.
  6. Coach Mentorship Program
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