Other Services

  1. Nutrition
    Let Titus Nutrition, led by our performance-minded Registered Dieticians, optimize your potential and elevate you to peak performance. Improve your energy, endurance, speed, muscle tone, and strength while decreasing fatigue and body fat. Reach new heights with proper nutrient timing, meal composition, and hydration.
  2. Reconditioning
    Soft tissue injury is the most common injury on the body. It can result from several factors: repetitive movement, psychological, emotional and physical stress, blunt trauma and postural distortions, which lead to imbalanced movement patterns. Titus’ recovery and rehabilitation program brings balance back to tissue using massage therapy, Flexology and strength training techniques.
    1. Massage Therapy
      Titus’ performance therapy program targets the myofascial layers of the body – those that envelop the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones – to prevent and treat muscle injuries.
    2. Flexology
      Our Flexology program incorporates yoga-based techniques with other dynamic movements to lengthen soft tissues, open joint spaces and stabilize the major weight-bearing joints of the body. The primary goal is to balance tonus – the relative length of the tissue on opposing sides of the body – whose imbalance is a leading cause of soft tissue injury in athletes.
  3. Mental Skills and Performance
    It’s easy to be confident and relaxed when things are going well, but can you sustain positive thoughts and confidence even when you have made a mistake or undergone a stressful situation?

    The body responds to our thoughts. If you want your arm to move, your mind has to think it first, then your arm will react. Our bodies respond the same way to stressful, unconfident and negative thoughts. In stressful situations, large muscle groups will tighten and inhibit you from performing your best.

    Our mental skills training will teach you the skills needed to control your thoughts and maintain the high, positive energy levels needed to perform at your peak.
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